La Donna Tittle now in the U.S. Library of Congress


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In 2003 yours truly was inducted into the “HistoryMakers” founded by CEO, Chicago’s own Julienna Richardson in 1997.  I was inducted that year with notables, B.B. King, Issac Hayes, Herb Kent, just to mention a few….  President Obama has recognized Julienna’s Oral Video documented contributions of various luminaries for their contributions to the Black History Diaspora.  Beginning in November, 2014, this website will be available for all to see and hear various personalities personal journeys of how they excelled in their  diverse professions, and the various ways they have given back to their communities and are still working to preserve the history of the African American in the USA. DSC05599 Struggles, Defeats, and Triumphs with all of these wonderful HistoryMakers will give you strength to know that all is possible.  That we are much bigger than our dreams, and therefore  must continue to “dream big”.   Never give up on your dreams of making them come true…     is a life’s journey…(pictured)   La Donna at 6 months old… “and still I rise”  LaDonna at  5 months

Congrats to Ms. Richardson for her continued success in documenting over 3,000 stories, now in the U.S. Library of Congress.  Her goal is to capture 5,000 stories of Black Americans doing good in the Neighborhoods of the World.  “You go Girl”!!!DSC05895I’m truly humbled…God Bless US all in America.

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